Feel Heartbeat of Balinese Life Through Trekking

Lovers of Bali's environment can enjoy walking along rice terraces and feel the grass touch their skin or wash their hands in clear fresh water along the way and taste the tropical fruits whilst receiving warmest greetings from villagers and feel the heartbeat of real Balinese daily life.

To really experience this, then trekking or cycling must be your choice. These facilities are well organized tour operators in Bali since there is a high demand. There is much on offer - hiking or mountain trekking, rice paddy trekking, jungle trekking and beach trekking.

There are three favorites places for the hiker in Bali. First Mount Agung, the highest mount in Bali and considered to be the most sacred place because it has the mother temple. The trek will loop to explore the highland tropical bush and forest along beautiful Salak trees. Enjoy the sunrise and bird's eye view of Besakih Temple. Then Mount Batur and Mount Abang. These mountains stand as a backdrop to Batur Lake, circling it from outside.

Trek through the beautiful nature reserve of Mount Batukaru - an 'off the beaten track' adventure that quickly immerses you into the cool shade of the tropical rainforest. You can find the hidden world of Bali's magnificent flora and fauna as you pass by ancient strangler trees and ferns, canopied with exotic wild orchids and hanging liana, which is the home of a variety of tropical birds and animals. A picnic lunch by a clear mountain stream, breathing the spicy mountain air, will revive you before continuing on to finish at the ancient temple of Batukaru.

Or you can try Bali West National Park and choose what kind of trekking you want or try all to get all unforgettable experience.

Walk 1: Departing and ending in the National Park Office in Teluk Terima, this walk will loop to explore the lowland tropical bush and forest along the small river of Teluk Terima. The whole trek will take approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Walk 2: Departing and ending in the National Park Office in Teluk Terima, this walk is an extended trip of Walk 1to further explore the highland tropical forest of Maount Ulu Teluk Terima which is 242 meters above sea level. The whole trek will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Walk 3: Departure is from the National Park Office in Sumber Klampok and ends at the National Park Office in Klatakan or Ambyarsari. This route covers the lowland tropical bush and forest of Sumber Klampok (in the north part of the Park) leading up to cross Mount Klatakan which is 690 meters above sea level. Leaving the peak, the trek will loop down to explore the west part of the Park to finally end either in Klatakan or Ambyarsari. The whole trek will take approximately 5 - 7 hours.

Bali's spectacular Carang Sari rice bowl area offers a chance to see traditional rural life unchanged for a thousand years. Starting at our Adventure Centre and skirting the beautiful Ayung River valley, we follow the farmers tracks through emerald green paddy fields observing the timeless routine of plowing, planting and harvesting using hand crafted tools and age old techniques. Visit village temples and plantations of coconuts, mango and jackfruit, all to a backdrop of unspoilt Balinese countryside, before finishing at the village of Kedewatan.

Or try an alternative. Starting high in the mountains at the village of Mayungan, this twenty five kilometre ride winds its way down along valleys, passing temples and shrines and criss-crossing golden rice fields through landscape unchanged for a thousand years. You can see local Balinese culture and customs while you pass through the jungle and villages.




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