Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in Bali

Lovers who are seeking an unforgettable honeymoon destination must include Bali on their list of choices. Bali, the Island of Paradise, provides plenty of that idyllic honeymoon ingredient: individual privacy in an exotic, romantic setting. Resort areas in Bali offer the world's best in honeymoon retreats, where lovers can enhance their intimacy, share their love and renew their vows.

From all the sensations that you hear, see, sense, and taste, there is no other destination more idyllic for a honeymoon than Bali. The spectacular view of the sunset in the late afternoon or sunrise in the morning on a beach, the lush jungle vegetation, the rolling rice terraces and vibrant flowers form the gorgeous landscapes that will make your honeymoon exquisite. But there is more. Bali's fabulously rich and vibrant culture, reflected in festivals, dances and music, adds to the exoticism of this deeply spiritual island.

Most hotel resorts in Bali offer wedding or honeymoon arrangements, with themes suited to couples' tastes - funky, romantic, natural or artistic - whatever you want. But when night starts to descend, sensual fragrances of night blooming flowers, herbs and spices at hotel resorts will greet you, ushering you to share love and affection with owner of your heart. A honeymoon bathed in the sensuality of Bali will gently lead you to enjoy endless summer nights...

Romantic Resorts

Bali is blessed with romantic resorts for honeymooners. They include:

Kuta beach is known as a romantic place to watch spectacular sunsets over the raging Indian Ocean. It is also the centre of nightlife in Southern Bali, and a also a shopping mecca, with shops, boutiques, and galleries in abundance. Restaurants line the streets as well as the beachfront, and hotels, ranging from a cosy, inexpensive homestays to a luxurious resorts are ready to accommodate you.

Sanur, on the south-eastern side of Bali, is a mixture bringing together the two worlds of Kuta and Nusa Dua. Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive. Sanur is an excellent site to watch the sun rise as you stroll along the white sandy beach. There are both luxury hotels and plenty of cheaper places to stay. The beach is very safe here as it is sheltered by a reef, and there is an array of water sports available, such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, water-skiing and paragliding.

Nusa Dua
With its crystal clear water and stretches of white sandy beach, Nusa Dua is well known as a haven of luxurious resorts. Some of the most sumptuous and luxurious hotels in the world find their home in Nusa Dua Bali. Lovers can tee off into the sunset, while watching the gentle waves roll in from the azure ocean and caress the banks surrounding the luscious green landscape. Tranquil swimming pools under the coconut trees meld into one with the distant blue sea.

West of Singaraja on Bali's northern coast is a beach resort spread across four adjacent villages. Lovina is for lovers who like still waters and a lazy atmosphere, as there is no surf nor crowds. In the early morning sunrise, dolphins can often be seen lazily lolloping along the surface of the sea. A long coral reef runs parallel to the shore, and the clear waters, as calm as lagoon, offer excellent snorkelling, sailing, wind-surfing and dolphin watching. From here you can easily visit the Gitgit waterfall, as well as the famous SCUBA and snorkeling sites of Menjangan Island and Tulamben.

Awakening from the gentle sleep of village life, Tuban Resort is an idyllic destination for honeymooners. Tuban still retains the charm of village life, with two main Hindu temples and traditional ceremonies galore, yet it has every amenity to satisfy the most discerning traveller.

Candi Dasa
This quaint seaside resort in Karangasem is known for its beach and as a great place from which to explore the nearby secluded bays and ancient temples. It is a right place for your "base camp" to explore the lesser-known eastern part of Bali. Nearby is Tenganan, a traditional village in Bali - the inhabitants believe that they are the original Balinese.

Ubud is a remarkable town in the middle of the island, surrounded the things that bring people to Bali - scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, cheap accommodation and unique luxury hotels. Its central location makes it easy to get from Ubud to the mountains, beaches, and major towns.

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