Bali's Offshore Attractions: Diving, Surfing and Snorkeling

Bali is well known for its culture and beautiful nature, but as an island, Bali has more than inland attractions. Surrounded by sea and located in a tropical climate makes Bali's sea teem with beautiful coral reefs and amazing various tropical fish. These amazing blessings from God are well worth a visit to enjoy as well as to make sure they continue life for the next generation.

The best way to experience the underwater world is diving. Enjoy shoals of fish swimming around you; even swim together with turtle and snips. But if you are worried about diving, try snorkeling instead. Bali has numerous diving and snorkeling sites, spread along its coast. Some of the famous sites are:

Starting from the eastern part you can try Amed, Tulamben,and Candidasa. All of these places have magnificent diving sites where you can see the beautiful tropical fish swimming between colorful coral reefs.

Then Lembongan and Nusa Penida Islands where the crystal clear water is an advantage to snorkel or dive. The site is claimed as one of the best sites in the world because of its healthy and various habitats.

Sanur too, has many sites for snorkeling and diving. This beach always has many visitors, but for diving and snorkeling just go offshore where you can enjoy its "firdaus" park underwater. And here there are zones for diving, jet skis, fishing and swimming.

And Kuta, well known for its white sandy beach and its pipe wave. This is one of the world's surfers dream to be visited. Surfing competitions are held annually here. It is recommended for intermediate level surfing.

Nusa Dua, the luxurious tourist area, is often used to teach diving because of its wave character and its abundant colorful fish on the reef.

Uluwatu, Padang-Padang beaches in Bukit area are worth a visit for surfing. You can see lines of waves breaking over the rocks from Bali Cliff Hotel which is located on the top of the hill.

Pemuteran in the west area, has a host of tropical reef fish and has Elkhorn and Staghorn coral. You can visit the turtle sanctuary here that regularly release turtles back into the sea.

Last, but not least, Menjangan island, has few dive sites that are in good condition and have excellent visibility and is the best place for snorkeling and diving.



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