Bali White Water Rafting: Ride The River Flow

Enjoy a screaming sensation along the river-flow; feel your heart beat faster then ever on a natural "water-slide" and refresh your mind by seeing natural gardens along the riverside. Test your courage while jumping from three-meter waterflow and pass the waterfall. All can be enjoyed in Bali's rafting.

This is an experience you will never forget. Your adrenalin will be racing but there is nothing to worry about safety, just beware of being addicted to try again and again. All rivers in Bali are class II to III but may rise to class IV in the wet season (November-March).

Raft at Ayung River, The AYUNG RIVER is Bali's most spectacular and provides twenty seven sets of challenging and fun filled rapids set to a backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces.

While enjoying the white water rafting you will see incredible views, for example, the Supernatural Bat Cave and untouched Ayung river and greeneries.

There are eight rafting operators on this river and each have unique facilities and offers that have attracted international personalities such as magician David Copperfield, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. You cab even see their photographs on billboards.

Raft at Telaga Waja River - the spirit of adventure begins up in the hills around sacred Mount Agung. Here the untouched forest and emerald green paddy fields feed water into the valley which channels the Telaga Waja River into a gushing torrent heading for the coast.

Flowing from the sacred mountain, the waters of Telaga Waja are holy to the Balinese. It is a river to be respected; yet it also offers the perfect playground for this exhilarating sport. The torrent twists and turns like an angry white snake struggling for the ocean, yet our internationally trained guides negotiate the rapids with great skill.

Experience a safe, exciting, and the sheer adrenaline thrill of grade 2-4 rapids as you raft this 12 Km stretch through Bali's holy river in Klungkung. Take in the spectacular scenery and witness the daily life of the local villagers while traveling through rice field and ancient rain forests.
Raft at Bakas River - this rafting trip takes place on Melangit River between Eastern part of Gianya and the Western part of Klungkung. From the heart of Denpasar City it is 45 minutes drive along good roads. It has super top rafting you find nowhere else in Bali - winding rapids like an eel moving with its white, wavy, foamy water shaking the boats along its way.
The Melangit is a unique among rivers in Bali. Its steep cliffs and rocks waterfalls, and sharp bends make it very attractive to the adventurous. With pollution free water and untouched tropical vegetation, it has a pure natural beauty that is especially refreshing.

Some rafting companies in Bali:

  • Ayung River Rafting
  • Bali Adventure Rafting
  • Bali International Rafting
  • Sobek Rafting
  • Mega Rafting
  • Bali Fantasy Rafting
  • Bali Safari Rafting
  • Unda River Rafting
  • Bali Rafting
  • Bakas Levi Rafting




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