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The Kintamani area has some of the best scenery to be found anywhere in Bali. Located twenty-three kilometers north of Bangli. Here is the place where you can escape from the crowded city atmosphere. The air is fresh and clean and here you will find the Ulundanu temple, magnificent Batur Lake surrounded by Batur and Sanghyang.

Simple accommodation can be found in Penelokan Village. The spectacular mountainous region around Kintamani with its deep crater lake and bubbling hot springs, make this region a must to visit. Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali and the region offers some of the most spectacular views to be found anywhere on the island. Lake Batur also provides water for an underground network of streams and springs across the southern slopes of the mountain.

The district is the earliest known kingdom in Bali, dating from the tenth century. The evenings get cool up here but it's well worth the stay overnight to climb the volcano and watch the sunrise.

If you are looking for a unique custom, you can hire a boat to sail on Lake Batur to reach Trunyan Village where dead bodies or corpses are not buried but just laid down on the ground under a Taru Menyan, Menyan Tree. The tree is believed to absorb a bad smells and instead, produce fragrant smells.

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Surya Hotel Melati
Lake View Melati
Lakeside Cottages Non star

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