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This is a trial service for you, our valued readers. Bali Online will attempt to deliver this request for brochures to the hotels that you specify. The hotels will be responsible to respond to your request. Feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions/suggestions.

Thank you for your tremendous response to this service. We have received many, many requests for brochures in just a week. Currently, we have to manually fax your requests to the hotel in Bali, so to continue this service, please limit your selection to the hotels that you are truly interested in staying with when you are visiting Bali. To give you an idea about what they may cost, we have indicated the standard star rating of the hotels.

Once you have selected the hotel (or previewed their brochures), you can also Request a Reservation directly through us. Again, we will deliver your reservation request to the hotel you specified, and they will be responsible to confirm your reservation directly to you.

Thanks again!

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We would like to request a brochure for: Hotel names (You may select more than one, but please limit it to fewer than 10.): Expected travel date: Note:

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