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Best time to visit Bali

DENPASAR ( The best time to visit Bali in terms of weather is during the cooler dry season, from April to October. The rest of the year is more humid, more cloudy and has more rainstorms, but you can still enjoy a holiday.

There are also distinct tourist seasons, which affect the picture. The European summer holidays bring the biggest crowds, like on July, August and early September are quite busy. Accommodation can be very tight in these months and leads to prices are higher.

From Christmas until the end of January, airfares to and from Australia are higher and flights can be booked solid. The school holidays in early April, late June, early July and late September also see more Australians but most of them are on package tours to resorts areas in South Bali.

Many Indonesian people visit Bali around Christmas and during some Indonesian holidays. Outsides these times Bali has surprisingly few tourists and there are empty rooms and restaurants everywhere.

Balinese festivals, holidays and special celebrations occur all the time and most of them are not scheduled according to western calendars, so don't worry too much about timing your visit to coincide with local events. And these recent months is absolutely good plan to visit Bali.

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