Virtually, you are in Bali. One of the over fourteen thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago, the island of Bali sits exactly 12 time zones away from New York City, approximately halfway between Singapore on the tip of the South East Asian peninsula and Darwin on the northwestern part of Australia. You can see it on this Asia map. On the map above, select any region of Bali (North, East, Central, South, or West) where you want to go to, and we’ll take you there. Physically, however, we have a slight problem.

But no worry. Simply choose your preferred mode of transport. Or you might prefer to read some general information about Bali before you disembark, and find out what the tropical weather of Bali is like. After which, a photographic montage of Bali will delight your eyes. And these places of interest will surely be enough of an invitation (there is even a one-page summary of these places that you can print and take along with you…).

One thing to remember about Bali is that the island is not too big – about 100 miles from North to South, and 175 miles from West to East. You can start after breakfast from your hotel in Nusa Dua, which is practically the southern most point of the island, drive up North, and have lunch in Singaraja, which is the northern most point of the island. Or you can drive around the perimeter of the island, starting from your hotel in the morning, and might even make it back before supper. And that’s doing it leisurely.