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Toba LakeThe huge 1,700 kilometer long island of Sumatra supports a great volcanic chain that runs from one end to the other. In the northern part can be found the scenic jungle reserve where elephants still roam and the orang-utan are protected. Scenic Lake Toba, a jewel-like crater lake set in the northern high lands, is the home of the Batak people. Further to the south dwell the Minangkabau people, noted for their spicy cuisine, distinct architecture and a unique matrilineal social system. Lake Toba Tour: 3 days / 2 nights Lake Toba Medan Tour: 4 days / 3 nights Lake Toba Berastagi Medan Tour: 4 days / 3 nights Lake Toba Medan Bohorok Tour: 5 days / 4 nights

Bromo VolcanoMT. BROMO
The spectacular beauty of the huge crater and active volcano of Mt. Bromo forms the focus of religious activities for the Tenggerese people who live in East Java. Bromo Sunrise Tour: 2 days/1 night Bromo Sunrise & Tengger Village Tour: 3 days/2 nights
Prambanan TempleThe world-renowned Buddhist monument of Borobudur is the top attraction for visitors to Java. The Hindu shrine at Prambanan and a host of other monuments scattered across the island give further evidence of the island's fascinating history. Bustling Yogyakarta, nesting in the shadow of Merapi volcano in Central Java, houses the court of Sultan Hamengkubuwono, where ancient traditions are strictly observed in a highly formal setting.
  • City Tour of Yogyakarta: 4 hours
  • Borobudur Tour: 6 hours
  • Solo Tour: 8 hours
  • Prambanan Tour: 3 hours
  • Dieng Plateu Tour: 8 hours
  • Yogyakarta Package: 3 nights/ 4 days includes: 2 transfers, 1/2 day prambanan Tour
    and full day city & Borobudur Tour.


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