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Keeping Abreast of the News

When you come to Ubud, you're not really in the back of beyond. It's easy to keep in touch with local and national news. Stop in at Ary's Books, or other newsagents in Jalan Raya to pick up the latest editions - magazines, newspapers and book are widely available throughout Ubud.

Magazines and Newspapers in English

Bali Echo, a glossy monthly, available at at shops and newsagents.
Bali Advertiser, a free tabloid for the expat community, available at many shops and cafes.
Bali News, a monthly tourist publication available at tourist facilities.
Bali Tourist Guide, a colour tabloid available at tourist facilities, which sometimes has interesting articles on obscure elements of Balinese culture and religion.
Bali Kini, a full colour tabloid put out by the Indonesia Tourist Promotion Board.
Jakarta Post, a daily newspaper with international, national and some local news, in English. At newsagents.
International Herald-Tribune, a daily newspaper compiled from the Washington Post and other sources. At newsagents.
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