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In general Ubud is incredibly well supplied with fine restaurants, cafes and foodstalls of almost every variety, from Mexican to Japanese to German to Italian and so on ad infinitum.     Standards of hygeine are generally excellent in all restaurant, and even in the foodstalls. Water served if always either bottled or sterlised by boiling, and the ice is safe, too. So don't worry too much, just drive right in and eat whatever and whenever you feel like it.

Where to Find Balinese Food. Of course you will want to try Balinese food, which most people find absolutely delicious. The best and most authentic Balinese food is prepared in houses, palaces and warungs every day. Let your hotel or guesthouse know you're interested in trying normal Balinese food, and an oppurtunity is sure to come up. During special ceremonies and celebrations, Ubud families do food in a big way. There's usually a buffet with dozens of dishes, which family and friends have worked for few days to prepare. Again, ask at your accommodation, or inquire among the Balinese friends you're sure to make in Ubud. You can also get Balinese food in some restaurant, notably those listed here.

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