History of Ubud

The Ubud Area from the Bronze Age to the Information Age

Culture and Religion
Megalithic Monuments and Wandering Mystics
The "Golden Age" of the Majapahit Kingdoms
Competing Rajadoms Rise and Fall Rise Again
Ubud as a Darling of the Dutch Colonists
Yet Another Era of Battle, International and Internal

The World Sends Its Curious to Call
Prognosis for Paradise
Culture & Religion
News & Gossip
by The Ubud Team
Beginning in the 1970s, a young generation of backpackers began to arrive in Ubud as they scoured Asia looking for inspiration, mystical experience and a good place to hang out. Ubud responded by providing an increasing number of services to accommodate the wishes of their western guests. Cafes, bungalows and bars began to appear and young Balinese from Ubud started to hang out with their foreign friends, learn English, learn business, and adopt whatever aspects of western culture appealed to their aesthetic sensibilities. In more than a few cases these Ubudians married their foreign friends, and founded all manner of businesses and other projects together--not to mention families. As a consequence of the easy mixing of locals and foreigners for decades, Ubud seems to have be come one of the most socially integrated places in Southeast Asia.

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