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Garment and Textile Manufacturing
Garment and Textile Manufacturing

With Balinese people's creativity and aesthetics, it is no wonder that Bali becomes a fertile ground for industries like garments and textiles. Starting from batik that originated from Java, the Balinese evolved a sophisticated textile and garment production, serving the internal needs of attires worn to worship as well as the demand of modern society and industrial countries. After all, it should not be too surprising, once you have to wear the sarong when you visit the Besakih Temple, you may want to wear it when you are lounging back in your home in Europe.

  • Animale Garment: Animale designs, manufactures, and exports creative and innovative styles of quality casual wear for women.
  • Gego Tenun Ikat: the producer of Tenun Ikat, a method of patterning cloth by tying bunches of thread together in certain places before the thread is dyed.
  • Khrisna Balussie: established in 1985. Initially, the company dealt with local production such as dyeing and selling raw Jersey materials for the requirements of garment exports. The following year, the company expanded its business through the manufacturing of sportswear.
  • Mardohar Corporate Clothing: Since 1967, Mardohar produces various quality corporate clothing.
  • Sribhudami Bali Songket: An impressive offering of Balinese Songket, ancient Geringsing, and other traditional pieces from Sulawesi, Lombok, and Flores.
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