Cribhudami, songket specialist

Kuta Poleng Antique Mall / A3
Jl. Griya Anyar Kuta - Bali
Phone: (62-361) 759688
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Textiles play an important part in the daily and ceremonial life of the Balinese. They not only serve as protection against the cold and sun but are also symbols of status and well being of the wearer. Collection


Shoes, Lamp, and Night Gown Our organization based in Klungkung, Karangasem produces the very finest "ikat" for public and theatrical performances as well as ceremonial displays. Our skills have been handed down to us through many generations. The cloth can be made of cotton or silk and are often interwoven with gold or silver thread.

Ikat, from the Malay language meaning 'to tie a knot', is a technique whereby the motif is dyed into the threads of the cotton before it is woven. There are many types of ikat, and the famous one is Balinese Songket.


We not only offer you the Balinese Songket but also the Sulawesi, Lombok and Flores, and even the ancient Geringsing. The later is considered scared throughout Bali and has always been rare and expensive, however we have simpler and less expensive designs. We like to add several designs each month and we also welcome designs from our customers.

Should you require further information about our product, please contact us complete with your fax and phone number.

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