Happening Places in Jakarta

With Jakarta metropolitan atmosphere comes the benefits of a never ending selection of places to see and visit, and things to do.

Decades ago, when my grandfather first set foot in Jakarta from his hometown in North Sumatera to visit my uncle who was a college student in Bogor, he devised an ingenious strategy to see as much of Jakarta as possible. Somehow, he learned that Blok M was (and it still is) the hub of public buses. Buses depart from there, make their rounds to every part of Jakarta, each according to its route, and return back to this hub. Repeat. So, he hopped into a bus going into one route, grabbed a window seat, and began his city tour. Once he got back to Blok M, he would find another bus, and repeat. After a few days, he's probably seen more of Jakarta than most of its residents...

If time is not exactly your most available resource, we have composed the following four-movement symphony of how to get the best of Jakarta:

*I. Adagio: the serene beauty of the past in the present.
*II. Andante: a walk through Jakarta's parks and interesting areas.
*III. Allegro: the lively spirit of Jakarta.
*IV. Finale: the farewell and intro to the rest of Indonesia.
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