IV. Finale: farewell Jakarta and hello the rest of Indonesia

I. Adagio: the serene beauty of the past in the present.
II. Andante: a walk through Jakarta's parks and interesting areas.
III. Allegro: the lively spirit of Jakarta.

Pulau Seribu (The Thousand Islands)

A stone's throw away off the shore of Jakarta, you can find a cluster of little islands just perfect for a weekend get-away from the bustling city life of Jakarta. Golden beaches, lined with coconut palms, and inviting waters. Myriad of tropical fish among varieties of corals await divers. Accommodations range from simple cabins to resorts that have been springin up in a few of these islands (like Pulau Bidadari or Pulau Putri).

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The four words consecutively translate to Park Miniature Indonesia Beautiful, so with appropriate permutation, the name should be something like The Miniature Park of Beautiful Indonesia (don't ask why that's the appropriate translation). But you get the idea.

This huge miniature park (a miniature of an archipelago of 15,000+ islands spanning three time zones would still be huge, wouldn't you think?) is an excellent finale to your Jakarta trip. It is also a delightful appetizer for your trip to the rest of Indonesia (what? Don't tell me you are heading back home immediately after Jakarta?).

The park is built to portray the thousands of islands of Indonesia and their hundreds of different ethinicities, cultures, and languages. It is practically an open-air museum with a live-size structures representing the many architectural forms uniqute to the 27 seven provinces of Indonesia.

The park has an orchid garden, a bird park with a walk-in aviary, a fauna museum, and recreational grounds with swimming pool and restaurants. Representatives of the arts and crafts and traditional attires of the many cultures of Indonesia can be found inside the Museum Indonesia, housed in the richly decorated, Balinese style building.

TMII also houses the "Theater Imax Keong Emas" (Golden Snail Theater), the only Imax theater in Indonesia. Catch the "Beautiful Indonesia" on a gigantic, 3D screen before you go to see the real thing.

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