II. Andante: a walk through Jakarta's parks and interesting areas

I. Adagio: the serene beauty of the past in the present.
III. Allegro: the high spirit of Jakarta.
IV. Finale: the farewell and intro to the rest of Indonesia.

Menteng Residential Area

The Menteng Residential Area, smacked in the middle of Jakarta around the Embassy Row of Jalan Diponegoro, is an elite neighborhood. Old houses, remnants of the colonial periods, are still standing grandly, some have been renovated to continue to present their charisma.

T.I.M. Art Center

You can catch the latest in Indonesian contemporary arts - exhibitions, plays, musical, poetry readings, dance performances, and more - at this Jakarta Art Center, better known as TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki). Akin to Lincoln Center of New York City, TIM has exhibition halls, theaters, an academy of arts, an archives building and a planetarium. Check with your hotel for a monthly program.

Ragunan Zoo

Located in the suburb of Ragunan in South Jakarta, Jakarta's zoo is laid in a lush tropical setting modeling Indonesia nature. Animals indigineous to Indonesia, like the komodo lizard, tapir, anoa, Java tiger, banteng, and a whole array of bright-colored birds of paradise call this zoo their home. Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, and most crowded on Sunday or public holidays.

Parliament Building

With domes somewhat similar to Sydney Opera House, the Parliament Building is a unique architecture that decorates Jalan Gatot Soebroto. With a permit, you may even be able to see the National Congress in session.

Perintis Kemerdekaan Building and the Soekarno - Hatta Monument.

This monument commemorates celebrate the two declarators of Indonesia's independence, and located on the actual site of the event, the former residence of the late President Soekarno.

Jaya Ancol Dreamland: recreation park

Jakarta's larget recreational park, Jaya Ancol sports a number of aquariums, swimming pools, and faciltiies for fishing, boating, and other water sports. At night, it offers an assortment of nightclubs, restaurants, a steam-bath and massage parlors. There is also a Pasar Seni (Art Market) that displays various handicrafts and souvenirs from many regions of Indonesia.

Fantasy Land Ancol

Disney Land of Jakarta, spanning an area of over 20 acres inside the Ancol Dreamland, with localized themes such as Old Jakarta and Indonesia, each supported by interesting architectures special to the theme.

The Marina Jaya Ancol

This is the port to reach Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) in the Bay of Jakarta, as well as the center for marine sports ad recreation. Enjoy the water cycles, canoes, sail boats, fishing gear, or simply sun-bath (make sure that you have a very strong sun screen protection).

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