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Our company has operated in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand and other destinations in Asia for more then 10 years. We only offer trips which have been created by ourselves. Meanwhile our tours have been booked by thousands of guests from the whole world.

Our company provides and manages these tours and other programs for several tour operators  in Germany.

We handle groups as well as individual guests. We are able to offer all kinds of hotels, transports and trips for short visit or stopover programs in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in Asia like Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Beside these services, we specialise in these countries on tour packages in order to put our guests nearer to nature, culture and people.

Visit with us a fish market, walk through coffee plantations, climb a volcano, take a bath under a waterfall, sail with us through the Indonesian Archipelago or explore the neighboring countries...

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Head Office: Wisma Nusa Permai B20, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: (62-361) 776032 * Fax: (62-361) 776137
Branches: Cologne Germany, Saigon Vietnam, Bangkok Thailand
Email: vanessa@denpasar.wasantara.net.id
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