Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Hotel Tjampuhan Spa

Avariety of massage techniques are available at the Tjampuhan Spa, including Swedish, acupressure and traditional Balinese treatments. A range of body and facial scrubs are also available to invigorate and stimulate the skin.

A visit to the Tjampuhan Spa is intertwined with the fragrance of distilled oils and herbal essences and the texture and sensation of ground spices, roots, flowers and leaves used in massages preparations. These traditional formulas and secret palace lotions are prepared at the Spa and are now available for purchase at the hotel.

Spa Beauty Package

Enjoy the facilities of the Spa for one full day, including one of the traditional treatments available.
In-house guest - Single US$ 39/Couple US$ 71
Outside guest - Single US$ 49/Couple US$ 89

Spa Adventure Package

Before enjoying the facilities of the Spa, guests are invited to join an invigorating half-day trek through the peaceful riverside scenery and traditional villages. The walk begins in Payogan village, descending through valley to the holy temple of Pura Gunung Lebah in Tjampuhan.
In-house guest - Single US$ 50/Couple US$ 95

Spa Harmony Package

A full day to enjoy the facilities of the Spa, with the addition of your choice of one traditional spa treatment, plus a delicious, specially-prepared meal with beverages form the Spa Cafe.
In-house guest - Single US$ 55/Couple US$ 105

Traditional Balinese Massage

A full body treatment massage with Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils, with a choice of Ratu Bidadari (Angel Queen) and Rajawangi oils (Royal Essence).
60 minutes - US$ 25

Traditional Mandi Lulur

The epitome of Balinese massage - detoxifying and stimulating herbal skin preparation flushes away tension, followed by a cooling yoghourt rub for pH balance, with the final touches of a Bali flower bath and fresh pressed herbal tonic.
120 minutes - US$ 33

Swedish Massage

Absorb the essence of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils while our Swedish technique massage therapist soothes and stimulates, stretches and realigns both body and spirit.
60 minutes - US$25

Traditional Balinese Boreh

Essence of the spice islands - clove, ginger, nutmeg and root of galangal ground together in a volcanic stone mortar - lightly applies a blood circulation and detoxifying scrub in preparation for a full body Swedish massage, complemented by sandalwood moisturizing.
120 minutes - US$ 33

Acupressure Massage

Direct contact massage, from head to toe, providing overall body rejuvenation focusing on the breathing techniques essential to effective acupressure therapies.
60 minutes - US$ 25

Head/Neck/Shoulder Facial Massage

Stimulating and refreshing the upper body with Biokos tones and mask connecting face, skin, bones and nerves with your inner spirit.
60 minutes - US$ 30


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