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Community of Carvers The relationship of the artist and his environment is apparent not only in his work, but in his entire studio, home and workshop, where a strong harmony is obvious between nature, tradition, and the artist. The corners of his extended studio compound are filled with exotic orchids, plants, and brightly plumaged birds.

Family Temple The family temple is attractively decorated, and life within the compound revolves around religious offerings, holy days, and ceremonies which are the basis of the Balinese tradition. In the workshop, children and young boys sit beside the accomplished woodcarvers, learning from the advice of their elders as they work. A harmony between spiritual and creative values pervades the entire home.

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MAIN GALLERY: Mas - Ubud - Gianyar 80571, Bali. PO Box 3333 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (62-361) 975-099 (hunting) * Fax: (62-361) 975-099
Branches: Hotel Bali Hyatt, Hotel Grand Hyatt Bali, The Grand Bali Beach

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