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Everyday Life Expressed in Woodcarvings
As Bali moved into the 20th century, with the advent of tourism, a demand for the highly developed art form gave forth to a new renaissance in Balinese woodcarving. New subjects are embraced. Realistic depictions of scenes of everyday life in Bali, animals and birds, were closely followed by semi abstract subjects which still retained the essence of Balinese form and tradition.

Duck Shepherd Gamelan Orchestra

Ida Bagus Tilem grew up during this extremely stimulating period of change, and is today acclaimed as the Master of Balinese woodcarving. His carvings are treasured all over the world as collectors items. In his Gallery can be seen a representation of the best of Balinese carvings, from antique and traditional to highly expressive modern sculpture.

Tilem CyberHome | Portrait of An Artist
Exhibit: Dancers of Bali
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