The Color of Bali

All throughout this Web site, as also the case with most if not all travel guides, we have been presenting information in a summarizing way, examining an aspect of Bali as whole, and presenting a summary of it. Thus, you can find information about the geography of Bali, or the culture of Bali, or the nature of Bali.

Here, we would like to take a slightly different approach; we will talk about snapshots of Balinese life. From each of these snapshots, we hope that you will learn a little bit about Bali, of course, preconditioned with whatever general perception that you might already have. Or maybe they will assist you in creating an impression of Bali should you not have formed one in your mind. And these snapshots can come from an insider, or from a visitor; in text as well as in images (and maybe in the future in audio as well as video). Maybe life, be it Balinese or others, is somewhat like a fractal pattern, where, as you examine it closer, you will see instances of the larger picture within a small part. Maybe these snapshots represent the whole.

Without further ado, here is

The Color of Bali: Snapshots of Balinese Life

Observations Images Introspection

Since you do have your own snapshots of Bali, we do want to hear your stories and comments.

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