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Why are you looking at the Business Center, while you could have been exploring the paintings of Ubud or the beaches of Kuta or "listening" to the four movement symphony of Jakarta's life? Could it be that:

Okay, we'll try to help you. We know that deep down, you cannot wait to explore Jakarta and to go beyond Jakarta to explore the various parts of Indonesia. But if work must come in the way, here it is... (Please be patient - not only it is a good training before you face Jakarta's traffic, but it also (supposedly) builds character - we are still constructing this site...)

* Industry Center
* Indonesia's premiere newspapers and weekly magazines online. A good way to brush up on your Indonesian language beyond the ubiquitous "Selamat pagi" (Good morning) or "Terima kasih" (Thank you).
* The stock market: Jakarta Stock Exchange
* Business Entertainment: check out the Happenings in Jakarta for now.
* Sports

If we miss blatant things (which we know we do), or if you know of anything else that should included here, please let us know.

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