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Jl. D. Beratan, Nusa Dua, Bali - Indonesia
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Bali, the Island of the Gods, promises to be the island of mystical magic and ritual beliefs,
A destination to purely express every minute of affection and true love.
A magical island to exchange vows
And a mystical world to begin a forever relationship . . .

couple.jpg (21019 bytes) Bali can be the island for the other nationals in the world to exchange vows, and Puri Weddings will assist to make your dream come true. Our team of professionals will cater to every of your needs and fulfill the desire to be properly and legally married in Bali.

Our company is managed and owned by two Balinese ladies with professional background and extensive experience in offering the highest level of services to assist and ensure your magical moment will run as smoothly as you wish.

Our services include arranging full legal ceremony, religious only, or Balinese blessing. Additional assistance with photography, video, hand bouquet, make up and hair dresser and Balinese costumes are also available. We will arrange Balinese flower girls to escort you to the wedding venue and prepare Gamelan, the traditional Balinese orchestra to highlight the entire event. These additional services will require an additional fee from the current ceremony arrangement fees.

Accurate information related to the possibility and procedures of conducting your wedding on the Magical Island of Bali is essential and you will need to inform us the originality of both bride and groom, the beliefs and other necessary related information to legalize the wedding ceremony.

We are proud to offer you our professional services to ensure your wedding ceremony in Bali will be the most special day in a lifetime.

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