Bali’s first authentic Balinese restaurant was created following the principals used in designing a traditional Balinese home compound. On our menu you will not find Balinese food commonly served in hotels and tourist restaurants, as it is our aim to serve Balinese food the way you find it prepared in Balinese homes or during traditional ceremonies. We take you on a journey into the culinary delights our island paradise has to offer. Countless trips into villages, homes and temples, together with an endless drive in researching deeper into the food culture of Bali have resulted in several highly acclaimed publications by Heinz von Holzen the Godfather of Bumbu Bali. A must try is our home made Arak / Palm brandy.
To promote the food of Bali further we offer interested visitors to participate in our very popular cooking program. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we take participants to the local markets where we purchase many of the produces for the day’s class. After a hearty Balinese Breakfast we spend a most informative morning in a specially designed kitchen preparing and grinding a minimum of 25 recipes. Should a full day in the kitchen be too much then we conduct every Tuesday and Thursday a short program where we introduce the basics in Bali’s culinary art .

Built on the success of Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School, we continued with our efforts to bring Balinese food another step closer to the interested gourmet traveler and to people who enjoy sampling the delightful flavors of Bali. Within Rumah Bali we crafted in a magnificent Balinese setting a market restaurant where each building was designed following the principals of ancient Balinese architecture. Within this Balinese Village we are able to cater to private parties for up to 300 guests. Pasar Malam is equipped with resources to organize and stage the finest Balinese theme events. This traditionally crafted venue can also be used to host corporate meetings or art exhibitions. High quality audio equipments and a full backup generator will ensure the smooth running of all events in every aspect.
WARUNG SATE, STEAKS ON STICKS (Bumbu Bali’s sister company)
Sates are not exclusive to Indonesia but that the whole wide world prepares sates. From the Yakitori in Japan to the meat skewer in Australia. Beside a large selection of sates, we serve a wide selection of authentic Balinese specialties, including the freshest seafood and dishes that are served daily in homes and more refined meals mostly prepared by the village elders during the many special ceremonies throughout the year.
Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School and
Warung Sate, Steaks on Sticks
Immediately - 31 March 2008

Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School
Published Rates (USD)
Internet Rates (USD)
Balinese Rijsttafel
24.00 ++
26.00 nett
Balinese Seafood Set
24.00 ++
26.00 nett
Set Lunch - Nasi Campur
16.00 ++
18.00 nett
Balinese Cooking School
Regular Program
Published Rates (USD)
Internet Rates (USD)
With market visit
72.50 ++
81.00 nett
Without market visit
65.00 ++
75.00 nett
  • Available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Published Rates : Rp. 200.000,- ++
  • Internet Rates : Rp. 225.000,-
  • Available every Tuesday and Thursday
Warung Sate, Steaks on Sticks
Published Rates (USD)
Internet Rates (USD)
Seafood with Shellfish
28 ++
30 nett
Warung Sate Set
24 ++
28 nett
  • Published rates + 21% tax and service charge
Pasar Malam


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