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A.Wintara Bali
Ceramic (Terracotta) Wholesaler and Retail


... if you need plates for the table, for fruit, cakes, crackers, etc, we have a lot of designs.
Or maybe something to put your snacks in ?
For flower decorations or just for decorations it self.
Here are some examples from our wide range ... 

products for interior design
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candle holder
Candle holders

... and to make it complete, candle holders.

We have shown you just a few examples of our products. We can make everything in your own design and color, with decoration or just plain. If you want a design of your own, you can send us your drawing, and we will make it specially for you.


CATALOGUE : www.haukanes.no

For further information, send us email, fax or phone us

A.Wintara Bali
Ceramic (Terracotta) Wholesaler and Retail

Jl. Andong 10 X - Ubud - Bali - Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 978784
Fax : +62 361 978915
E-mail : wintara@dps.centrin.net.id

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