~~ Starters ~~
~~ Salads ~~
~~ Pastas ~~
Menuauswahl Carpaccio
  Menuauswahl Caprese   Menuauswahl Tripastas


Imported, sliced raw tenderloin, served with Parmesan cheese, olive oil and fresh champignons
Rp 36.000



Tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil Rp 29.000


Tris di Pasta

Home made Ravioli UN"S, mushroom Ravioli and Gnocchi Gorgonzola Rp 40.000 

Spaghetti Smoked Marlin
On a cream sauce with champignons and sliced smoked marlin fish Rp 30.000

~~ UN´S Specials ~~
Menueauswahl cafe de paris
  Menuauswahl Medaillons

Entrecôte "Café de Paris"

200 gr. imported, sliced tenderloin beef on a delicious herb-butter sauce, served with French fries Rp 89.000 


Les trois Médaillons à la Moutarde

3 small pork tenderloin on a creamy mustard sauce, served with hash-brown and French beans wrapped in juicy bacon
Rp 65.000

~~ Seafood ~~
Menueauswahl peppered marlin
  Menuauswahl Thuna

Peppered Marlin

Marlin fish filet, topped with white, red and black pepper, served on boiled potatos, garnished with spinach coulis and tomato cubes Rp 40.000


Tuna Dill Medaillons

3 Tuna fish medaillons on a mouth-watering dill sauce, served with "Jasmine" rice and garden vegetables Rp 55.000 


~~ Indonesian Food ~~

Gulai Babi

Pork tenderloin on a Balinese curry sauce, served with yellow rice, crispy tempe and cucumber in vinegar Rp 40.000


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