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Bruschetta Rp. 8.500
Mexican Food
Salsa Corn Chips Rp. 11.000
Guacamole Rp. 11.500
Santa Fe Nachos Rp. 15.00
Cornchips, refriedbean, salsa, guacamole, black olive, sour cream, smoothered in toasted cheese  
Tacos Rp. 20.500
Shrimp, chicken, or imported beef, salsa, guacamole, and cheese  
Borritos Rp. 18.500
Shreeded imported beef, chicken or shimp, mexican rice, salsa wrape in soft flour tortila  
Tostados Rp. 18.500
Toasted tortilla, topped with fresh salad and dressed with a hind of chilli choose beef, chicken or shrimp plus salsa and guacamole  
Fajitas Rp. 22.000

Chicken, seafood or imported beef
It's famous mexicana, rool your own soft tortilla with guacamole, sour cream salsa or re fried bean

Tropicana Rp. 22.000
Tomato, pineaple, ham, anchovy, cheese  
Margheritha Rp. 22.000
Tomato, oregano, black olive, cheese  
Marinara Rp. 22.000
Tomato, shrimp, fish, squid, onion, cheese  
Romana Rp. 22.000
Tomato, mushroom, oregano, cheese  
Alla Santa Fe Rp. 24.000
Tomato, mushroom, oregano, cheese  
Pizza Ala Pissaladiere Rp. 18.500
Pizza, bread caramelized onion, anchovies, black olive parmesan cheese  
Pizza Smoked Salmone Rp. 26.000
Pizza bread cream cheese, smoke salmonecapers with ruccola  
Pizza Melanzane Rp. 24.000
Pizza bread, eggplant with tomato sauce, greean pepper and goat's cheese  
Pizza Ala Quarsima Rp. 21.500
Tomato sauce, vegetables and mozzarella cheese  
Pizza Ai Peperoni Rp. 22.500

Tomato sauce, salami, anchovies, mushroom, black olive and mozzarella cheese

Pizza Buongustaio Rp. 22.500
Tomato sauce, ham, mushroom, black olive, anchovies, and mozarella cheese  

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