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Good Numbers for Bali and Indonesia’s Tourism


Bali’s foreign tourist numbers for the whole year of 2011 totaled 2,756,579 people as released by Central Statistic Agency (BPS) this week. Increase about 10.57% over the total for 2010’s 2,493,058 people.

The numbers was contributed from Australian tourists in the first place with 22.09% in 2011 to 790,965 tourists. The second was People’s Republic of China which promoted from the third to second place in 2011 by increasing 20.32% to 236,868 tourists.

The third place was Japan that once always at the top rank in tourist arrival to Bali. Japan dropped to the third, and is possible to drop further to the fourth or the fifth this year considering the recent economy’s situation in Japan. Japanese arrivals in 2011 totaled 183,284, which is a 25.62% decline from 2010.

The fourth was Malaysia with 169,719 visitors. Malaysian arrivals increased 9.33% in 2011, slightly higher than the average 7.7 growth rates over the past four years.

Taiwan’s tourists move to the fifth from its former sixth place. Taiwanese travelers increased 5.34% in 2011. There were 129,233 Taiwanese visitors to Bali in 2011.

South Korea – South Korea travel growth is slowing, increasing only 1.4% in 2011, causing their poll position to slip from 5th to 6th place. 126,709 South Koreans came to Bali in 2011.

France was placed in the seventh ranking by increasing 5.12% in 2011 with a total 111,542 arrivals to Bali.
The United Kingdom was also stay at the eighth. UK’s visitors was increased 3.45% in 2011 with 107,975 visitors to Bali.

United States visitors to Bali increase significantly in 2011, increasing 24.96% to total 90,154. It is likely President Obama’s visit promoted Bali incredibly among US citizens. This surge of growth in arrivals in 2011 boosted the U.S.A. from 10th to 9th from all arrivals to Bali.

Germany tourist arrivals was declined slightly (0.16%) in 2011 with 84,071 arrivals reflecting that troubled economy. Followed Germany, Russia was placed in 11th place with 75,636 arrivals or increase 16.15% in 2011.

In the same time, The BPS also released data on foreign tourist visited Indonesia in 2011 increase 9.24% or 7.65 million foreign tourists.

According to the BPS’s data the average length of stay for a foreign visitor to Indonesia at 7.84 days during which the average tourist spent US$143 per day. That comes to US$1,118 per visit, an increase from US$1,086 spent per visit in 2010. It is estimated that about US$8.6 billion brought into Indonesia by the foreign visitors and is foreign exchange to the country in 2011, a figure 13.16% higher than the total for 2010.

Bali welcomed about 2.8 million tourists in 2011, followed by Jakarta with 1.93 million and Batam 1.16 million

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