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Kuningan Day

Ten days after Galungan Day, exactly on August 21, 2004., Balinese Hindu followers to celebrate the prosperity day of "Kuningan".

The day of Kuningan marks the elaborate temple festival at Sakenan Temple, one of the big temples in Bali. Sakenan Temple is located in Serangan Island, frequently called Turtle Island, an ideal site for surfing.

The temple will be jam-packed by locals wearing traditional Balinese costumes for three days. To reach the temple, you can either go by boat, cars or bikes. You will pass a bridge linking the Serangan Island and the south of Denpasar. It takes only around 15 minutes drive to get there. Many travel agents have taken their guests to the island where they can watch the Balinese Hindu gathering in the temple for ritual ceremonial purposes.

The Kuningan Day is the time for commemoration as the ancestors return to the heaven after ten days dwelling on earth and the Balinese express their gratitude to gods for His mercy to the human races. Therefore, it is a time for holiday, visiting each other and fun. Every village in Bali will celebrate Kuningan in grand style, with colorful festivals held at the temple in some parts of Bali Island.

The bamboo pole or locally called penjor, which has been erected at the front of each house compound's entrance gate since a day before Galungan is redecorated by taking down the white clothes and substituted with the yellow clothes, symbolizing the prosperity.

The Kuningan Day will provide an opportunity for travelers to see ritual procession.


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