Welcome to Kubu Bali Welcome to Kubu Bali

Welcome to Kubu Bali Welcome to Kubu Bali Welcome to Kubu Bali

text n a garden of terraced ponds and waterfalls, cobbled pathways lead through maze of arboreal surprises, like the pisang seribu banana palm with a thousand or more tiny sweet fruit in each bunch. There are twenty cottages - ten luxury standard and ten
deluxe suites, all with marble terraces and simple, elegant teak furniture. Air conditioning, fans and hot water offer additional comfort and the bathrooms are open to the sun and night skies.

Kubu Bali is sculpted into the sides of valley scooped out of the mountainside by the same volcanic cataclysm which gave Bali to the world. The sights and sounds, the fragrance and harmony of Bali are all here. Each cottage has its own secluded terrace with views out over the landscape of colourful foliage to the contrasting blues of sea and sky and islands beyond.
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For further information please contact us:

Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia

Email: kububali@indo.com

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