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Services  : All passengers are insured to Jasa Raharja
The Government provide insurance for travellers who become a victim of an accident based on rules specified by Jasa Raharja. The victim of the accident has a right to receive insurance as follows:
  • All passengers of common transportation e.g. bus, train, ferry, air plane, river and lake transportation.
  • Victim is hit by motorcycles e.g. pedestrian, hit by other cars, and hit by train.
How to get the insurance ?
In order to get the insurance you have to call the nearest  Jasa Raharja office and show the following prerequisites:
  • A letter explaining the accident approved by Jasa Raharja officer and known by police or other organization who have a right to give approval.
  • A letter from the doctor or the hospital that have taking care of the victim.
  • A confirmation from victim's family in case the victim  pass away.
Other proofs that you should bring with:
  • In case of injured
    You have to bring the receipt for the cost of drugs and doctor fees.
  • In case of the death of the victim
    A letter from family or letter that explained the couple had married.
  • In case of permanent disabilities
    A letter from the doctor who have taking care of the patient explaining the permanent injure suffered by victim.
Other rules
  • The person who has a right  to receive the insurance fee is
    the widow/widower,
    any children and
    the parents.
  • Out of date
    The rights to receive insurance is no longer valid if:
    The request to invoke the insurance policy is more than 6 months after accident.
    If there are no claims after 3 months mentioned and approved by Jasa Raharja.

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Jl. Diponegoro 150/B4
Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia
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