Soka Beach

Soka beach is located on west Bali around 10 kms west to Tabanan city. The place is on the traffic between Gilimanuk and East Bali. So the place is used as a cooling machine stop beside it is popular for younger generation as the week-end and holiday sight seeing. There is a restaurant in front of the beach and you can enjoy the lovely black sandy beach while you can enjoy your meal or drink.
A public areas have been built for shading and parking. The beach is not special, consist of coral and black stones, the only people like there is the sound of the wave of Indian ocean.

The situation is almost the same as Pasir Putih beach in Situbondo, East Java. But the waves at Pasir Putih beach are not as big as they are at Soka beach and it is adjacent to the edge of forest of Soka beach is not far from the wet rice field. But, both of them have beatiful and interesting view for you to visit. One of interesting places is Payan beach. This beach is at the Western part of Soka beach. It is separated by a small river. If the tide falls, you can pass away. It will be easier if you pass the highway, it is about 50 meters before Soka beach, to the right. This way directs to Luhur Sarijong temple which is located in Payan beach, which has parking area and is big enough place to take a rest. The place also has thousands of coconut trees, which make it a shade place. This places is high enough, so that the view of Soka beach looks beautiful.

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