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The new municipal in Bali, it is a capital of Bali. Don't make the mistake of many that skip Denpasar in touring the island.

Although like any city, it is noisy and polluted, there is lots to see and do in this ancient city, rebuilt after the puputan massacre of 1906, when the royal families committed suicide rather than surrender to the invading Dutch army. Denpasar today is a bustling city of some 450,000 inhabitants and more vehicle per capita than Jakarta.

There's an excellent art centre, a museum and a colourful and cheap market in Jl. Sulawesi. There are also several department stores such as Hero and Matahari. You will also find many restaurants and fast food stores.

Kumbasari market located on the opposite of the Badung's river, in GajahMada street is a 24 hours traditional market. You can find daily needed until art and craft products.

Museum Bali is a right place to see the development of Bali. Located on the eastern side of Puputan Square, just beside of Jagatnatha Temple.


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