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In the middle of nowhere between the green scenery of bamboo forest and the rhyme of river streams Balinese gestures awaiting ...

Our creative batik artists never run out of ideas. Come and see how we process batik from the white fabric into a finished batik product. You will appreciate more when you know how we process our batik.

We care about what we produce. We care about our environment. We care about your requirement.


batik 01
Batik.01 HS
batik 02
Batik.02 HP
batik 03
Batik.03 HP
batik 04
Batik.04 HP
batik 05
Batik.05 HP
batik 06
Batik.06 FP
batik 07
Batik.07 HS
batik 08
Batik.08 HP
batik 09
Batik.09 HP
batik 10
Batik.10 SW
batik 11
Batik.11 MW
batik 12
Batik.12 SW
batik 13
Batik.13 HP
batik 14
Batik.14 HP
batik 15
Batik.15 MW
batik 16
Batik.16 HP


Note: We can make batik from 100% natural products, e.g.: cotton, rayon, crinkle, silk, linen, from various thickness and textures.
HS : Hand Stamp
HP : Hand Paint
FP : Free Paint
SW : Solid Wash
MW : Motive Wash


There is no predetermined beauty only BEAUTY exist !!!

Why try to look average when you can look outrageously GORGEOUS

  • We produce garment made of BATIK or PRINTED material.
  • Our special collection for the BIG SIZES have been successfully accepted throughout Europe.
  • We are now ready to deal with you who are in the USA, Canada, Japan, Africa, Australia, and the rest of the GLOBAL.

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    collection 1


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