Welcome to I Made Ada Gallery - Enjoy the skill of the MasterWelcome to I Made Ada Gallery - Enjoy the skill of the Master


text I Made Ada (pronounced "eye" "ma day") is a third generation master wood carver from Pakudui village near Tegallalang and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Made specializes in exquisitely hand carved sculptures and three-dimensional paneling from the best woods available in Asia. From his home in Pakudui, Made personally supervises and instructs some of the best carvers in Bali.

Of the work sculpted here, Made is best known for his Garudas and traditional panel work.

Panels depicting the Mahabrata and Ramayana stories are very detailed and life-like making them sought after by collectors and galleries. Made's hand carved doors, windows, and furniture have also become popular throughout Asia and the west for their artistic qualities. The Garuda and Balinese lion sculptures produced by Made are world renown and are displayed in presidential palaces, museums, and homes around the world. The Made Ada Art Gallery also produces many types of Animals, Dragons, and Human figures that are of the highest quality.

Some noteworthy events in I Made Ada's life experiences include the following:
- 1981 President of Indonesia visited Made Ada to purchase large Garudas for the
  Presidential Palaces throughout Indonesia.
- 1983 Nancy and President Ronald Reagan of the United States visited Made Ada to
  purchase Garudas for their home.
- 1984 Made Ada invited to exhibit his work in the National Handy Craft Exhibition
  in the Freedom Palace in Jakarta, Indonesia.
- 1986 Made demonstrates his carving skills in Dortmund, Germany.
- 1992 Made displays and demonstrates his work at the World Expo in Serville Spain.
- 1992 Made awarded the Upakerti Prize.
- 1995 Made displayed his work in Denmark.
- 1995 Made awarded the Kharisma Society Indonesia award.
- 1996 I Made Ada Carving included in the collection of the World Intellectual Property
  Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.
- 1998 Made invited to be on the board of the Art for Tourism Society, of Bali.
- 1999 A television special on I Made Ada is shown on CNN worldwide.
- 2000 Made, guest speaker on Bali and Indonesian television, Topic"The Arts of
  Indonesia and where Art will need to go in the new millennia".

The popularity of Made Ada artwork because of its quality and price makes it impossible to keep all items available at all time in stock. Made insists on only producing art that is worth putting his name and reputation on it. Although the Made Ada Art Gallery makes attempts to keep a variety of stock on hand it is impossible to keep every item on hand. For this reason purchasing Made's Artwork is best done through email orders or personal visits are welcomed. Woods that are used for Made Ada artwork consist of Teak, Balinese Jack, Ebony, Suar, Marbao, and Sandal Wood. Other woods are available for special orders. These woods can be polished and kept with natural wood finishes or painted. Paints used are of the best quality and will withstand many years of heavy weathering without fading. 22-karat gold paint and gold leaf are also available and used frequently. Prices vary slightly with the cost of raw materials and amount of labor involved in production. Pictured here are just a few of the artwork available through Made Ada Art Gallery. Prices are approximations and may vary slightly.
Welcome to I Made Ada Gallery - Enjoy the skill of the Master
For exact prices, availability, and shipping cost please feel free to send us an email. We will be glad to help you in any way possible.

For further information, please contact:

Welcome to I Made Ada Gallery - Enjoy the skill of the Master

Pakudwi - Kedisan, Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia
Tel. (62-361) 901234, Fax : (62-361) 901859
Email: made-ada@indo.com

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