Earth images

[Earth Image #1] Arica, Chile

[Earth Image #2] Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

[Earth Image #3] London, England, U.K.

[Earth Image #4] Lusaka, Zambia

[Earth Image #5] New Delhi, India

[Earth Image #6] Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.

I got these images of the earth using the nifty XEarth forms interface. Each one is an image of the earth as seen from directly above the city listed. The shading of the earth reflects the position of the sun at roughly noon local time on the summer solstice (I think). I made the backgrounds transparent by doing this:

giftopnm < old.gif | ppmtogif -interlace -transparent black > new.gif
using the netpbm toolkit, based on these tips.


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