Bali Art Festival 1996

Jun 8 - Jul 6, 1996

You've come to Bali at the right time! For a whole month, numerous artistic activities in large scale from throughout Bali are presented in Denpasar.

* Foreword from the Governor of Bali
* Schedule of Events


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Foreword from the Governor of Bali

Om Swastyastu,

Bali Art Festival is a media for preserving, developing, and reinforcing artistic potency through various aesthetic activities such as parades, performances, exhibitions, cultural art forums, and artistic contests. In addition to devising people's appreciation toward their traditional art and improving its quality, Bali Art Festival also attempts to renovate and develop traditional arts, so that it can flourish and function again as was.

Conducting the 18th Bali Arts Festival, whereas the Indonesian society creating and improving its identity and unity in facing the worldwide era, socio-cultural aspect serves as the basic element in shaping the aptitude and temperament of Indonesian people based on the ideology of Pancasila as a power to achieve a civilized and just society.

Almost in all parts of Indonesia, Panji stories are well rooted and contain cultural values based on the Indonesian manner. Thus, the theme of the 18th Bali Art Festival is "Panji Wrddhi Sura Wangsaja," meaning, Panji as Nation's Stamina. All items, whether it's dance, literature, vocal, or painting featured in this Bali Art Festival, reveal Panji as the gist.

Through the Bali Art Festival, we hope that the existence of the cultural arts flourish continuously from time to time.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our great gratitude to all parties and all of the Balinese communities for their participation and contribution to accomplish the 18th Bali Art Festival 1996.

Thank you.

Om Santi, Santi, Santi Om.

Signed, The Provincial Government of Bali

Ida Bagus Oka, Governor

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