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"The Hawaii Visitors Bureau was one of the first tourism bureaus to have a major presence on Internet's World Wide Web. Online since Dec. 1, the Hokeo Hawaii database provides computer users with a tour of the Islands and links to a dozen bureau members, like the Kauai Bed and Breakfast. Internet users around the world have been calling up the system about 5,000 times a day. `Within a day of being listed, I got a booking,' said proprietor Kauai B&B Noreen Ohai-Daniels. `We've been getting three or four inquiries a day, and more on the weekend.'" (Honolulu Advertiser, Dec. 1993)

'The Internet presence established by GE Plastics on the World Wide Web in mid-October 1994 allows the company to better communicate with the members of its market and places GE in a reseller position. ... Promus Cos., operator of Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites and Harrah's properties, opened its home page on the World Wide Web in October 1994." (Advertising Age, Nov 1994)

"The advantage of the Internet as an advertising medium lies in its flexibility in presenting detailed information to users on an as-needed basis." (Mortgage Banking, Nov 1994)

"Companies are increasingly turning to the Web to advertise their products and services." (Byte, Nov 1994)

"The Internet is becoming a hotbed of commercial activity and advertising. A dozen firms are creating `electronic malls' and other `places' on the Web to draw potential shoppers en masse." (Business Week, Nov 1994)

"Hot technologies such as on-line information services and new computer programs can garner you millions more in revenues. ... With a worldwide audience of millions, the Internet has the power to transform a local company into a global entity instantaneously." (Success, June 1995)

"Companies are finding that Internet, the information highway, is a great way to do business. The huge electronic network reaches potential customers in a way that conventional advertising does not, and companies are finding myriad ways to use the vast amounts of information available." (Christian Science Monitor, Mar 1994)

"An estimate by John Quarterman, an Internet analyst, put the number of Web members at 13.5 millions in October 1994. Whatever the number is today - 20 millions is not an unreasonable guess - it will be at least half as big again a year from now." (The Economist, July 1995)

"The Internet has 20 million existing members, with 150,000 new members joining every month." (New York Times, December 12, 1993)

"There are 160,000 new Internet users every month." (Scott B. Ross, President of MCI Business Markets, in Business Week, June 1995)

'World Wide Web access grew by 443,000% from 1992 to 1994." (International Data Corporation)

"The Web, or its future descendant, is the technology that delivers on the promise of the information superhighway. ... It combines the impact of the printing press, the interactivity of the telephone, and the reach of television - all in a point-and-click interface." (PC World, June 1995)

"With dizzying improvements to the multimedia experience that it's able to deliver, the Internet is now the undisputed center of the online services universe. ... The Internet access market will grow from $123 million this year to more than $4 billion in 2000, according to Forrester Research Inc., a market researcher in Cambridge, Massachusetts." (Business Week, June 1995)

"The Internet has produced at least one very tangible benefit: Seemingly, every organization in the real universe is represented in this ethereal one. Many government agencies, research centers, universities, corporations, and media outlets are there now, and the rest are on the way. The wondrous power of the Internet has been unleashed by the new electronic network known as the World Wide Web. (New York Times, Mar 19, 1995)

"The World Wide Web offers the clearest vision yet of what computer networking, and communication in general, is going to be like in the future." (American Scientist, Sep 1994)

"The Web's hypertext interface is the user interface of the future - better than the Macintosh, better than Windows 95." (Information Week, May 1995).

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