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What Bali Online Offers
Bali Online Offers


Bali Online offers to bring your company into the vast and expanding Internet and Web marketplace, with the ultimate goal of bringing the Internet and Web members to Bali and to your business. Bali Online will enable your business to realize the advertising benefits of the Internet and the Web. Bali Online offers:

  • Information and advertising space on the Web.
    Your business can communicate information and advertising messages to the vast members of the Internet and Web marketplace on this space.
  • Internet and Web expertise.
    Bali Online has all the technical knowledge and the know-how to deliver your business information and advertising message to the millions of Internet and Web members. Your exposure to the global Internet is free from the headache, maintenance, and personnel costs that you have to shoulder if you want to do it yourself. You can focus on what you do best: your business.
  • State-of-the-art Internet infrastructure.
    Bali Online will serve the information and advertising message of your company using a Web site on a robust network that supports high speed and high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet. The site that will serve your Web advertisement will be located in the U.S., where the network infrastructure is the best.
  • Insight and knowledge of the Internet and Web marketplace.
    Bali Online will monitor accesses to the Web site and conduct surveys of the Web members. The statistics of these accesses will give you direct feedback on the effectiveness of your Web advertisement. Additionally, the results of the Web surveys will give you a picture of the demographics of your potential customers on the Internet and Web marketplace, assisting you in formulating your future advertising strategy.

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