Sumbawa stretches for about 300 km from the western tip to its eastern most part, populated by about 1 million people. Its geography, climate, flora and fauna are similar to those of the other islands on the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. The highest mountain in Sumbawa is Mount Tambora at 2,850 meters. From Sape, the ferry port on the eastern tip, visitors can leap to Komodo Island to the habitat of the prehistoric dragon lizards of Komodo.

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The two ethnicities most common in Sumbawa are the Samawa in Sumbawa Besar and the Bimanese of Bima and Dompu. Islam is the predominant religion. People typically live by relying on maize as the main crop as well as by breeding cattles and fishing. Arts and crafts through small scale and home industries are also developing as tourism increases.

Cultural Attractions

* Barempuk : Traditional boxing to celebrate harvest.
* Barapan Kebo : Buffalo race, with numerous pairs of elaborately adorned buffaloes racing on readily-planted rice-fields.
* Barapan Ayam : Chicken race on 25-40 meter tracks.
* Main Jaran : Horse race with 9-15 year old children jockeys.
* Lenggo Dance : Dance originally performed by princess of Bima Sultanate traditionally performed in ceremonies and royal occasion.
* Ntubu (Head Fighting) : A traditional Bimanese game that literally means 'pounding one's head against another'. Because of its danger, it requires a special immunity ceremony conducted by a priest before the game begins.

Places of Interests

* Alas : The stop over to Bungin Island.
* Ambalawi : Beautiful beach resort about 2km north of Bima.
* Batu Tering : Known for the 1 km long natural cave.
* Bima : The capiutal town of the district of Bima. Visit the old Royal Palace of the Sultan of Bima and the cultural museum.
* Bungin : A small island 75 km off Sumbawa Besar for watersports.
* Calabay : Peaceful beach resort about 80 km from Dompu.
* Dalam Loka : Known for the historical remains of the Sultan of Sumbawa, located at Seketeng Village, Sumbawa Besar.
* Dara : Known for archaeological remains, located 2 km from Bima.
* Dongo : A Bimanese traditional village.
* Dora Bara : Known for archaeological remains believed to be the former Dompu Kingdom that was buried by the lava of Mount Tambora's eruption.
* Hu'u Beach : White sandy beach 60 km of Dompu best known for surfing.
* Hodo : Idyllic beach resort 45km from Dompu. Also a stop over place to go up to Mount Tambora.
* Karambo Wera : Excellent diving, waterskiing, and fishing site.
* Kencana Beach : 12 km west of Sumbawa Besar.
* Lamere Sape : The stepping stone to Komodo Island.
* Lawata Beach : Former resting place of the Sultan of Bima.
* Lebok Taliwang : By Lake Taliwang, 111 km west of Sumbawa Besar. Good for fishing and boating.
* Lepadi : Known for traditional horse race.
* Moyo Islet : On the northern shore of Sumbawa District, an hour by boat from Labuhan Sumbawa. Great diving site with huge variety of marine animals and beautiful sea garden.
* Nanga Doro : Hot springs.
* Poto, Raba Dompu : Hand-woven cloth center.
* Poto Baty, Sarae Me'e Beach : Beach resort and wind surfing site.
* Sarkofang : Known for the stone grave of 2000 years old, located at Batu Tereng village.
* Mount Tambora : The highest peak in Sumbawa, known for its rich species of animals an dplants.
* Wadu Pa'a, Wane Beach : Beach resort.


The infamous Komodo Island will take you back thousands of years with its oldest, prehistoric Komodo lizards.

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