The lively spirit of Jakarta's night life

Cafés in Jakarta typically mean pubs; you can find alcohol drinks, and sometimes even live music.

Cafe Jimbani

Located in the restaurant row of Kemang, Café Jimbani is built with Balinese architecture, completely with several structures a la Bale Bengong completely separate from the main building. A rectangular bar serves you from the middle of the main building, and a small stage is located with its back to the far wall.

Kafe Excelso

They are spreading around Jakarta like Starbucks in Seattle. You can find one in Plaza Indonesia, one in Blok M Plaza, and many others.

News Cafe

CNN meets Starbucks - marrying news with restaurant and café environment. As you consume a number of Indonesian delicacies (some Western dishes are also in the menu), TV screens bolted up on the walls of the café were blaring with the latest news. The tables are decorated by what looks like old newspaper clips.

Twilite Cafe

Located also in the restaurant row of Kemang, a coconut's throw away from Jimbani, Twilite Cafe is two-story house converted into a popular hang out. The front door is raised above the street level, and it forces you to walk around and up the stairs like a miniature Viennese mansion. Once inside, a chic and trendy life emerges. A huge, contemporary painting stares at you as you make your way towards the wooden stairs - wooden floors, decidedly coarse, soft-brown walls, modern ambience. On the far corner, technology blends in - Twilite Cafe sports three Internet stations for you to browse Bali Online or to send email while sipping your Java. The place to see and to be seen...

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