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Santa Fe Bar and Grill is the first café in Jl. Abimanyu No. 11A (former known as Jl. Dhyanapura) Seminyak, Kuta, Bali. It was established on October 2, 1993 and opens for 24 hours a day.

After seven years, Santa Fe Bar and Grill is bigger and now has more than one hundred chairs. Santa Fe Bar and Grill can provide you with various food and beverages from Indonesia, Europe and Mexico. Our specialties are Pizza, Mexico cuisine and we dare you to taste our "Special Tonight" which come from various countries.

Beside that, Santa Fe and Bar also entertains you with different live band everyday in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy your food and music in a uniquely designed restaurant which has numerous pictures of Indians hanging around the building, taken from one of the Indian areas in New Mexico, South America.

In its seven year operation, Santa Fe Bar and Grill has been presenting many events that attracts many visitors from Bali and beyond Bali.

santa fe picture santa fe picture santa fe picture

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Jl. Abimanyu No. 11A, Kuta, Bali

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