Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house
Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house


Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house

long time ago...
For more than a century the little Kingdom of Ubud has been ruled by the prince Tjokorda Gede Sukawati. His family is renowned of hospitality, and patronage of arts and literature. During the Wars of the Rajas in the 19th Century, The ruling prince made Ubud a safe haven for artists, musicians, dancers and scholars from all over the island. The palaces, or "puris" of the Sukawati family became renowned cultural centres. In the 1920's, the royal family supported many foreign artists. Following in this tradition of hospitality, DR Ir. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati and his son invite you to their palace. " Puri Kantor Sosrobahu " Within its walls they have created a very special guest house and café called "PRADHA"

Traditions are reserves at Puri Kantor Sosrobahu. It continuos to the home of the urban and cosmopolitan family of DR Ir. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati, who invite you to enjoy the magic kingdom of Ubud as their honored guests. At Pradha, you will enjoy the discrete of the palace staff, just like a member of the Puri's family. The family, of course, still upholds its role in the community, and takes part in Bali's continues cycle of religious ceremonies. According to your taste you may participate in palace life, or retreat
Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house

in comfort in privacy, which is always held in the highest regards.

Western comforts and fresh interior design make Pradha a haven of tranquility. Make yourself at home in the palace. Select a book from our library and unwind. Complete conveniences are provided, including air conditioner, International direct dial phone, and private bathrooms with hot shower. Tastefully decorated rooms furnished with original art and textiles. In each of its six rooms, Pradha provides a very private enclave for guests with discriminating tastes.

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C a f é
Balinese and seafood dishes are served all day, with a forte for fine Western. Enjoy your meals everyday from 8.00 am - midnight in a peaceful Puri courtyard. Traditional architecture and garden features delight the senses. We serve very special Balinese food: Smoked duck all day. A typical suckling pig (order one day before).

So....... why stay at a hotel, when you've been invited to a palace?

For more information please contact :

Café & Guest House
Jalan Kajeng 1, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Email: prada@indo.com

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Welcome to Pradha Cafe & Guest house