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Bali Online Corporate Information
Bali Online Corporate Information

Bali Online

Mission Bali Online is dedicated to providing the ultimate source of Bali info on the Web and to bringing your company into the vast and expanding Internet and Web marketplace, with the ultimate goal of bringing the Internet and Web members to Bali and Indonesia, and most importantly, to your business.

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  • Nov 1995: Recommended by Bali Government Tourism Office as a media for promoting tourism.
  • Dec 1995: Featured in Hot FM Radio of Bali.
  • Jan 1996: Featured in Television of Republic Indonesia, station Denpasar. We can now officially say, "As seen on TV..."
  • Feb 1996: Featured in two front page articles in Bali Post, the premiere newspaper in Bali. This is a rough translation of the two articles.
  • Mar 1996: Touch Planning Ltd of Tokyo wanted to feature us in Television Tokyo Channel 12's Internet Hot program.
  • Mar 1996: Nominated and selected as back-up server to participate in Swatch's net.hunt coordinated by I-D Gruppe of Germany.
  • Apr 1996: Listed in Gourmet Magazine (The Magazine for Good Living) as one of only 8 Asian Web sites in its Internet Address Book.
  • May 1996: Nominated by Andersen Consulting Asia Pacific for the Award as the best company in Asia that uses electronic commerce. (Wow! Thanks Rosnani!)
  • Jun 1996: Peter Weller of Robocop talking about Bali Online on CNBC and VH-1? Possible. Stay tuned...
  • Jul & Aug 1996: Quiet months. Everyone is in Bali... (after all, it is Bali's peak season...
  • Sep 1996:Steve Butler the Tokyo Bureau Chief of US News and World Report came to visit us in Denpasar. Bali Online on US News and World Report? Cross your fingers...
  • Sep 1996: Info Komputer, a premiere Indonesian magazine, profiled us in its Internet Special Edition. They called us "The Father of Internet Presence Provider of Indonesian Tourism" (Pelopor Internet Presence Provider Pariwisata Indonesia). Thanks guys!
  • Oct 1996: Quite a hectic month:

    • We participated in Tourism Indonesia Mart & Expo 1996 held at the Jakarta Hilton Convention Center. Great success, people love us... We'll put up pictures (and maybe even video footage) if you miss the expo.
    • With that success, we are trusted by the Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board to be a sponsor for next year's event by establishing The Official Internet Site for Tourism Indonesia Mart & Expo 1997. Thanks Andrew...
    • Female Radio Station of Jakarta is interviewing us, between 8 AM - 9 AM, Monday Oct 13 (Jakarta Time). Tune in...
    • Pamela Raley of Conde Net (Conde Nast Travelers Online) visits our Denpasar office
  • Nov 1996:

    • INTERNET PROMENADE, a monthly online magazine produced by the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) of Japan, is featuring our site.
    • Nov 5, 1996: Read about us in Media Indonesia, one of the leading newspaper in Jakarta.
    • Our thanks goes to the 16 Indonesian media companies who have shown their support and attended the Tourism Communication Forum that we organized. You would certainly write nice things about us, wouldn't you? Special thanks goes to Mr. Wisnu of Bali Post, who suggested this idea, and Mr. Ito, our host at the Bintang Griyawisata Hotel.
  • Dec 1996:

    • We received a report from a study of "Asia's leading organisations" in electronic commerce conducted by Andersen Consulting and The Economist Intelligence Unit, which included and featured us on page 27. They say that Bali Online has a "Unique Value Proposition Offer". Cool...
    • Jakarta Post featured Bali Online. Thanks guys!
    • Dec 6, 1996: Bisnis Indonesia dedicated 1/4 of a newspaper page to talk about Bali Online in its "Internet, the new promotional media" article. In essence, the article says that Internet can benefit travel agencies as well as all other industries, it opens lots of other opportunities in Indonesia, and more.
    • Dec 18, 1996: SWA Magazine, the equivalent of Fortune or Economist magazine in Indonesia, published an article written by Bali Online's founder entitled "Strategies for Opening an Internet Storefront". To choose in which Web site you should place your company's homepage, the article suggests that you should examine the site's Popularity/Exposure, Audience Demographics, Charateristics of Storefronts on the site, Opinions of Other Storefronts Owners - so that you can assess the bottom line: Maximizing the Return of your advertising dollar.
  • Jan 1997: Philips Corp. Of the Netherlands and Fantastic Corp. of Switzerland included Bali Online as Best of the Internet in their new Internet satellite broadcast system. The launch took place in Cannes in Feb 1997. We can now say, "As shown in Cannes..."
  • Feb 1997: Travel and Leisure Magazine of the United States of America has a long article about Bali and lists Bali Online as the resource on the Web for information about Bali.
  • Feb 1997: Bank Bali, a leading national bank in Indonesia, collaborated with Bali Online to conduct a one - day Seminar on Internet Marketing for Exporters.
  • Mar 1997: Association of Garment Manufacturers of Bali collaborated with Bali Online to conduct a one - day Seminar on Internet Marketing for Garment Producers and Exporters.
  • Apr 1997: PATA Indonesia invited Bali Online's Founder to conduct a seminar in Jakarta on the of subject Internet Marketing for Travel and Tourism Indonesia.
  • Jul 1997: Directorate General of Tourism Indonesia put forward an Investment Participation Agreement as part of the National Tourism Working Group. Bali Online signed on as one of the participants.
  • Aug 1997: Hotel Sales Management Association conducted a Lunch Seminar in Jakarta, inviting Bali Online's Founder to be the Speaker.
  • Sep 1997: Reuters International interviewed Bali Online for a feature about the impact of haze on travel and tourism in South East Asia.
  • Sep 1997: CNN International also included comments from Bali Online's Founder about the haze problem in South East Asia, quoting Reuters.
  • Sep 1997: Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo 1997 most held in Jakarta Convention Center, and Bali Online occupied one of the sponsor's Booths.
  • Dec 1997: Internet Marketing Seminar was organized by Bali Online, taking place at the Bali Hyatt. Bali Online met with over 120 people, primarily from companies who advertise with Bali Online to discuss what has been accomplished, and how Bali Online can serve our clients better.
  • Mar 1998: Association Press' Travel Editor, Dave langford, talk to Bali Online about Indonesia's travel and tourism prospect amidst the currency crisis.
  • Apr 1998: Bali Government Tourism Office and PATA Bali organized Bali Tourism Summit. Bali Online assisted with technological needs for the summit.
  • Nov 1998: Resemagasinet Vagabond, a Sweden Travel Magazine visited our office at Denpasar.
  • Jun 1999: Participant of BTM (Bali Travel Mart) in Kuta Center.
  • Apr 2000: Introducing the new technology of Internet Marketing for tourism industry: "The Online Hotel Reservation System". The first Online System in Indonesia, through one day seminar at BICC (Bali International Convention Center) Sheraton Nusa Indah, Nusa Dua - Bali.
  • Jun 2000: Indo.com introducing the new technology for arts & crafts product, "The Digital Supply Chain: Internet Marketing in the Craft Trade". The Seminar held at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Bali on Thursday, 8 June 2000.
  • Aug 2000: Soft Launching of Online Hotel Reservation System, at Bintang Bali Discotheque, Ramada Bintang Bali Hotel.
  • Sep 2000: Press conference for Grand Launching of Online Hotel Reservation System at Raddin Sanur, Bali. With keynote speaker is Mr. Troels Arnkjaer and family as the first guest booking through the Online Reservation & Payment System.


For further information, you can browse through the documents below. Or you can send us email at bali@indo.com.


We sincerely hope so. The land of potential customers should not be left untapped. Further information about Bali Online's product list and order form can be obtained by sending a piece of email to us at bali@indo.com. Or call our Bali or Jakarta offices at the numbers above.

You can even check out our clients' Web pages, and ask them about their experience with us.

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