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Welcome to Yogyakarta


ogyakarta, situated in Central Java and often called simply Yogya and pronounced Jogja, has the tradition and the style of the Javanese.
People of Yogyakarta are famous for their hospitality and a real "Javanese" way of life. Walking around Yogya city can be very interesting and exciting, and is well known for its culture and education. Many people have said that Yogya is the City of Culture and City for Students.

There are many places of interest you can find. The Mounts Merapi and Kaliurang have a fresh atmosphere. Some places of interest close to Yogya are Malioboro, and Keraton, Parangtritis, Parangkusumo, Samas, Krakal and Baron beaches are very pleasant places that provide scenic wonders.

There are many kinds of places for you to stay at in Yogyakarta. Hotels and inns are common.

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