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What do
I do in Bali?

Decades have passed, and even centuries, yet Bali still maintains its identity. Interaction with the rest of the world only enriches it. The challenge for visitors is to decide what they desire from the island. If your first stop in New York City is the Museum of Modern Art, then Ubud is for you - it remains the core of traditional Bali. If you must stay at the Waldorf, instruct your driver to take you to Nusa Dua, where some of the world's most sumptuous hotels gracefully integrate into the beautiful beaches. Some of us might prefer wild touristy places, which Kuta readily offers. Equipped with a Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta has the cheapest and most extensive range of accomodations, lines of unique stores that can take you weeks to finish, the best beaches (Sunset Site Number One - well, all sunsets in Bali are simply spectacular), and the wildest night life.

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