Adventure and Nature

Bali has so much to offer, adventures and Nature program can be created and combined from one to another from white water rafting, cycling along the paddy field, bird watching, even trekking in the rain forest and see flora and fauna.
We have our ready-made itinerary for you, however we are ready to assist you with tailor-made programs for you clients to enjoy.

Art and Culture

Bali has known over the years, has been influenced by Chinese, Budhist, Javanese, Hindhus and most recently by Western. Many of the European people have settled their homes in Ubud to dedicate their life to arts.
Bali arts have been developed tremendously and absorbed other countries' art to be combined, Bali arts has been develop tremendously and absorb other countries art to be combined. Recently a lot of young Balinese have developed their art painting into modern arts of abstracts, mix media and the like.
Culture has very much been the same, eventhough in Bali, some of the villages have become internationally recognized due to many foreigners live in the area. The people are not easily get influenced and of course still attached and maintain to their tradition.

Bali Round Trip

Have you ever been to other parts of Bali?? The island is not only famous for Kuta, Ubud, Sanur but also many other places, undiscovered. Let us offer you our ready-made programs to explore the island and do take the advantage of it. Going around the island from coast to coast, city to city, region to region offers good experience and learning more about Bali daily life in a whole in the island.

Education Tours

For many years Bali has retained its reputation for being one of destinations for young students to learn about the Bali art and culture and its uniqueness of the island. Students from Japan, for example, have come to Bali to learn how to play gamelan music and traditional dances. Most of them live with the Balinese family and at the same time learn day by day the way of life. Australian students also came to Bali as part of their curriculum on Asian studies and learn the Bali art and culture, some of them stay with the family or stay near by in the vicinity and learn how to make batik as well as other Balinese arts. This tour is not only dedicated to the young ones but also cater to any group ages who are interested in learning more about the culture of the island.

FIT Management

Do you want to have a holiday on your very own? With all freedom, we can arrange all the FIT movement with many program suitable for the travelers. i.e. Bed and Breakfast Honeymooners Family Escape Free and Easy We are prepare to work with you on the above program, tailor made can be arranged to suit individual needs.

GIT Management

We can organize any size of group tour - with our more than 12 years experience in handling incentive we are ready to handle your groups, arrange from special welcome with Balinese gamelan music and dance at the airport to special dinner at the one of - Balinese Royal Palace whereby all the participants wears traditional costumes. Talk to us, let us know about your requirements, then we will make the full programs for you. Any group movement of:
-Incentive Group Leisure Tour
Company Meeting
-Meeting and Leisure
-Team Building Company Outing Others

Bali no doubt is the destination for the above activities, trust that they will have a good time and for sure they will bring back memories of such tings which will last a lifetime.

Incentive Tours

What about launching a new product to the employees or clients in Bali? We are able to plan carefully down to details from arrivals to arranging your re-export goods and presenting them in the hotel room just to surprise them, or creating every little souvenirs for them to lake home of Balinese crafts product in their turn down service in their rooms! This such memories will last forever and they will last forever and they will remember your company. Talk to us, and we will be able provide you with full programs and details, reflecting to your needs. This program will be a good combination between work and pleasure.

Special Interest Tours

Have you ever heard about meditation in Bali? We have a number of tours which will be tailor made for your clients, staying at quite places surrounded by the paddy field, or on top of the hill or even along a quite beach side. We can arrange special program for this special interest tour. Package can be combined with other type of tours and any cultural or day tour programs.

Tailor Made Program

Every clients have different needs, therefore we are here to prepare all tailor made itinerary which correspondence to their needs. However we do have suggested itinerary from classic tours to adventure and of course can be combined to meet the clients needs.And Bali has so much to offer so consult with us and we will do the rest.

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