Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort
Jl. Taman Sari 72, Bandung
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It consists of 198 rooms & bungalow from various classes and types. And another 68 bungalows still under construction.

The exterior is designed in a harmony with traditional architecture and line up with mambo walls, palm fibers or wood for rooftop.

The Bungalows are completed with hot spring bathrooms and special swimming pools nearby open for hotel guest & public 24 hours daily.

24 Hours Resorts facilities
· Sunan Ambu Café & Thermal swimming pool
· Nangka Café (Karaoke & Mini Movie Lounge) Dayang Sumbi Function Hall
· Wangsa Dipa
· Thermal swimming pool

Recreation Facilities

  • Thermal swimming pools
  • Picnic & Animal statue park
  • Thermal Lake
  • Horse back riding & Rowing boat
  • Children's play ground & souvenir shop
  • Team building facilities & programs
  • Camping ground & camp free
  • Thermal waterfall
  • Tea walk programs

Sport Facilities

  • Tennis Court & Basket ball
  • Golf Driving Range
  • Jogging Track
  • Volley ball
  • Mountain bike cycling

Leasures & Others

  • Hybiscuss Bar & Discotheque (Friday & Saturday night)
  • Karaoke Lounge
  • Live Music at Sunan Ambu Café (Saturday night & Sunday noon)
  • Medical therapy programs (Physiotherapy)
  • Executive Meeting rooms

Sari Ater Spring Resort located on the slope of mount Tangkuban Perahu at 1,500 meter above sea level. The village of Ciater features fresh mountain air which makes it prefect place to unwind. The surrounding lush green forest and tea plantation will enchanted your reunion with nature.

The water temperature of 45 C cools down to 40-42 C, after is allowed to flow through the swimming pools and through the pipes of the bathrooms in the hotels.

The Village of Ciater is well known for its natural hot spring, the source of sulphuric water which is reputable for its efficacy to cure various diseases like paralysis, reumathism, nerve and bone diseases and other skin diseases under consultation and supervision of doctor specialist.

The water which flows through the river of 2.000 meter long becomes cold and is issued by people in the community to irrigated their rice fields. It is said that this water helps to improve the quality of harvest.


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