Welcome to Padi Padi Resort

"A Romantic Place To Rest "

Jl. Citepus Raya Km. 13, Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java Indonesia
Phone : ( 0266 ) 432124, Fax : ( 0266 ) 432125

Encircled by beautiful and romantic panorama like beach, mountain, padi (rice) fields, Padi-Padi Beach Resort provides mesmerizing views that will allow you to refresh both body and mind. The hotel is a luxurious retreat and a perfect place to rest and relax.

Padi-Padi Beach Resort is situated right on the edge of Jl. Raya Citepus Km. 13, Pelabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi, West Java. The hotel is around a few hours from Jakarta and three hours from Sukabumi.

The building has been styled to blend traditional and modern architecture, with interior design being Mediterranean ambiance. The retreat is fashioned of coconut wood, stone glass, coconut wooden furniture, terracotta floor and mud adobe, making it the only unique hotel in Sukabumi.

When you stay in the hotel and wake up in the morning, you will find your feeling cuddled with the singing birds in the rice-field and cheered by the sound of Indian ocean waves when they dances to the sandy beach ahead. And in the afternoon, you will have a romantic view with the sun going down that gives time to make your own reflection. From the hotel, you can also comfortably view the mountains and forests of Halimun National Park. Here, you are in Pelabuhan Ratu, the southern coastline.

The hotel has 25 rooms available in six types: Garden View, Sea View, Small Deluxe, Large Deluxe and Penthouse. Each has different design that will give you a special sense. The rooms are equipped with controlled air conditioning, refrigerator, international TV programs and Laser Disc Equipments.

Other facilities available include a private beach across the hotel, a hot spring and Goa Kelelawar (Bats Cave). Here, you can also leisurely witness how tortoises hatch along the coast under the moonlight.

To satisfy your appetite, the Padi-Padi Beach Resort has two restaurants that serve seafood with their special recipe. They also offer delicious cuisine from Sunda (West Java) and Europe.

As a beach resort, the hotel offers a splendid variety of outdoor activities, including white water rafting, ocean fishing, snorkling/diving, boating and surfing/wind surfing. With a mountain nearby, the hotel also offers hiking and mountain biking.

You also want a tour during your stay in the hotel? The hotel will readily arrange organized excursions. Just mention what kinds of tour you wish. The hotel offer various organized excursions, including waterfall, hotspring, harbor, bat cave, fishing trip, traditional market, fish auction, white water rafting and Abah Anom trip.

Friendliness and hospitality are emphasized at the hotel, making sure your stay is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Welcoming staff will greet you and make you feel at home in the hotel that combines privacy and ambiance of beautiful private residence.

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